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Can you SMASH our 30 day challenge?

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted

Research shows that hitting short term goals successfully gives SEVEN positive successes;

Rapid Attainment
  • Quick results
  • Less long term effort
  • Immediate feedback
Motivational BOOST
  • We all like to tackle easier tasks.
  • Short term goals imply time limits and urgency
  • Short term goals are more specific
Indicate the Direction
  • Short term ogals support the bigger picture
  • They can define the stages to go through
Serve as building blocks for the bigger Dream
  • They contribute as components for a bigger goal
  • They can be part of a step-by-step plan
  • They multiply the chances of success
Bring Peace of Mind and Clarity of Thought
  • Clear the path to stick to the important things
  • Are easier to clarify and measure
  • Can be an Optimal use of Energy and Time
Stop day to day random behavior
  • Clear goals mean setting the right priorities and avoiding distractions
  • Daily goals and clear timelines guide us to success
Give a Sense of Purpose
  • Give inspiration and direction every day!

Soooo... You up for it?

  • Can you train 2/3 times a week over a 30 day period?
  • Can you set goals for the physical body and the Mind?
  • Can you stick to them?
  • Do you have what it takes to set a goal and see it through …with our help!
  • Do you really want to change or are you just wishin’?
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Our Challenge will give you a boost to a better you

  • Guided training in our Fundamental classes lead by full-time qualified martial artists
  • Support from day 1 to day 30 through flexible goal setting, monitored progress, feedback and accountability
  • Get you fitter, faster and stronger
  • Help you lose bodyfat
  • Give you a new direction
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  • Make the commitment
  • Accept the challenge
  • Be a better you
  • A goal requires action, a wish is only a thought… Are you wishin’ or are you doin’?
  • We challenge you to put your money where your mouth is… we dare you (to be the best you)

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