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Why should I start training at MAC Blackbelt Academies?

Your body and mind become stronger your skills improve as well. These are very practical skills that can be used in any self defence situation if you or a loved one were ever threatened. This will make you feel empowered and again improve your self confidence knowing that you can 'look after yourself' and your family.

At MAC we help you set both short and long term goals both in the martial arts and fitness related arenas, and a plan for their accomplishment. This may be taking and passing your grading test or simply being able to do more press ups than you did last week or even finishing a drill quicker with more power. Each time you reach a short or a long term goal your self confidence grows.

Got a question? If you can't find the answer below, call us or tell us when you arrange your visit.

1. Will it be Friendly?

We pride ourselves on being one big MAC family, it is our sincere wish to share our martial art with everyone and we offer the hand of friendship through our teaching. This is our personal and professional philosophy and we totally encourage our students to do the same to.

2. Am I going to get beaten up?

Maybe if you don't learn martial art or self-protection, such as our CODE Red system! Seriously, an emphatic NO! This is a learning and developing experience not a fight. We are developing martial artists for their peak personal development and positive impact on themselves and the world. Even our fight team, should you be invited to join it, trains separately and under strict supervision from a Senior Instructor.

3. Can I do it?

A fair question when you aren't clear of what you are getting yourself into. We have taught juniors from 4 years old to adults in their 60's. It's about what you want from it first and foremost. Will it be easy, probably not in the beginning? You will have to drive yourself to train and sometimes negatively judge yourself, but we have systems to keep you on track and regular progress checks to give you feedback from our very experienced Chief Instructors. We can't do it for you but effort and the will to do it will get you there. Anyway, you're not supposed to know it, that's our job! Here's another thing, every instructor on the mat and every student is either at the same level as you or has done the classes you are doing, we were ALL white belts at one time. That's the beauty of this, everybody can do it and everyone that showing and teaching you has had that experience too! We are all in it together!

4. Will I make a fool of myself?

Depends on what you call making a fool of yourself, You will be in a class with like minded people focused on their own goals and trying to "get" their own stuff. In all honestly probably needing some assistance from one of the instructors or coaches probably the same as you. The thing is, it's an individual journey with a lot of like minded friends around you and anyway, we've all done it, didn't die from it and moved on to conquer the next thing, try it... a sense of achievement is a powerful motivator!!

5. Is my injury an issue?

Well, any injury needs to be taken into account but all of our instructors are first aid trained, it's part of our SEAL approval from our local Authority. Whilst we may be able to suggest different skills to keep you training, your personal safety and well being are top priorities for our academy team

6. Am I to old, to fat, to big, to disabled, to injured, angry, to good?

The answer to that is a resounding NO! We are our own worst enemies. To get better, faster .stronger, leaner, fitter, self confident and achieve your goals you have to START! It might not be your answer but 20 years, thousands of students and professional experience tells us that you need to overcome that initial inertia. One student lost 101ibs in 12 months but the basic requisite for that was he had to train to make it happen, it's that simple...

7. I am scared of the unexpected?

Then training at MAC is perfect for you, over the years we have developed curriculums, travelled the world to train, taught thousands of students, been in schools, taught fighters, old people young people and perfected the system to make the unknown as planned and accessible as possible. Besides, martial art teaches you to deal with the unknown, so rather than fear it why not learn tounderstand it and embrace it, we'll be with you every step of the way...if you can't change the problem then change the way you think about the problem!!

8. Who will be teaching me?

A team of high level full time Professional Martial art instructors, all qualified in martial arts and coaching through the MAC Development Programs. All certified by SEAL, which is the Dudley MBC Sports leaders' accreditation. Our team undergoes regular first aid training, DBS checks and MAC has its own child protection policy. All of this is in addition to our constant ongoing Martial Art training and teaching methodology. If that's not enough then the main team has ben together for almost 20 years in the local area teaching martial art to the community, schools, businesses et al.

9. Will I have to Spar?

That depends on the program you choose and when we both feel its makes sense to consider that option. You don't have to and you are not allowed for the initial period of your training until orized by your instructor and the Chief Instructor

10. Will I be forgotten?

Sorry, who are you again? Just joking! We are a team, a family and we review every person and their individual journey through regular progress checks. Our systems automatically log your classes and progress but our instructors train YOU and will work with you to develop the best path and training for you. WE don't only offer one Martial Art; we have many paths to follow. We will discover yours together...

11. Do I need to buy equipment?

All our academies carry equipment to train. We do suggest that some of the equipment is personal and it's a good idea to buy your own, we all do at some point. Some of our more specialized equipment is available in the academy to buy or use.

12. What will the class size be like?

Our Class sizes vary depending on the program and on the rules of guidance we use for the class. Young children need more supervision and support, experienced adults need less. As a team we review the class sizes for optimum balance of experience, what's being taught and the safety of the group. Incidentally, although you may be in a class your training will be individual or with a partner so really the focus is kept relevant whatever the size of the class.

13. What will my family and mates think?

Well that depends on what you tell them, what they know and what they research, not everyone wants to do the martial arts, just as not everyone wants to fish, paint and a thousand other things. If you believe in your choices and gain the results you want, choose your time to tell them. Of course, some people believe in putting it out there to reinforce their commitment to it. It's your thing, believe in it and do it, your goals and wishes are yours and not everyone will understand them. Show conviction and perseverance, be determined and it will be evident toall around you that you have changed. Oh, training in Martial Arts will teach you that stuff, so get started!

14. Will I get what I wanted to achieve - i.e. weight loss/Black belt etc

You will get exactly out of your training at MAC what you put into it! We have testimonials to prove that what we do works. In fact you'll meet the people who have started and achieved the goals from being a Black Belt to losing weight, to working in martial arts as a fulltime career. Your academy team and students are living proof that we can all achieve our goals with the right support, direction and personal application.

15. How many/who will be watching

Our academies are private members only academies. In the case of junior classes' only parents or the family of students are allowed to watch, although they seem to be as engaged with MAC as much as the students are too! As for the adult classes, not many, if any will be watching. Why you may ask? That is because we are a doing academy, not a watching one. People who are on the training area with you will be focused on their own training and not looking at you. The chances are that you will be helped by some of these people when you train with them, which is the environment we encourage.

16. I'm not bothered about a black belt

Me either... What we are talking about is a structured approach. If you have no goals then how can you achieve results? The Black Belt is your own personal journey; you don't have to wear it to the pub, or to the shops. Yet it will be a sign of how far you have come and will give you the belief and confidence to achieve,

17. Will it be really hard?

It may be challenging, it may be hard work, it may be hard to grasp sometimes but these are all steps along the way. Above all it will be rewarding. Black belts and accomplished martial artists aren't made from great fighters; they are forged from ordinary people by their own will and desire to be something more than they are. So it might be hard occasionally but if it was easy what would be the value in it and everyone would be a Black Belt!

18 Who will I train with?

Like minded people, people on the same journey as you. Our students are mostly ordinary people on the road to being better than they think they are. You will make new friends who will become old friends the more you train with them, all of you on a mission to achieve far more then you ever thought possible.

19 Can I stick it in this place?

The question is have you got what it takes to learn, respect and listen? You will need to dissolve some of your perhaps preconceived ideas about Martial Art. Our instructors and coaches are friendly and welcoming; they will make sure that you are learning at a rate to suit. You will have to overcome obstacles on the road to the Black Belt, but hey, that's what it is all about.

20. How quickly will I have to learn it all?

That's a personal part of your journey. What we have found after twenty years teaching is that if you can train twice a week you will develop along the right lines. We all have different learning modalities and speed of learning. Some people see quickly, some learn by listening and some have to "feel" the way. Whatever way you learn we have a developed curriculum, progress checks, grading and evaluation as well as expert staff to help you develop at the optimum level for you.

21. Will I hold my partner back?

We all train together, sometimes individually and under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. Remember we are all choosing to train together and martial art is in part about dealing with different energy, so the opportunity to share the journey and training with different people builds skill and knowledge for BOTH of you. Happy training!

22. I don't want to fail again.

Research shows that most individual efforts are difficult and result in failure for most of us some of the time. That's why we have computer systems, evaluation systems, progress checks and a professional team dedicated to helping you succeed. This is not the gym, you are not alone, and you are part of the whole, the MAC family. We support and thrive together, that's the MAC way. See you on the mat for your Black Belt

23. Do I wear pyjamas - (a Gi)?

Only for bed! The junior classes wear a Gi in the Winter and Gi trousers and an academy tee shirt in the Summer. Most of the adult classes are an academy tee shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Some of our classes are Gi based, along with rash guards.

24. Will I enjoy it?

I still do after nearly 40 years of training. Enjoyment is a subjective state of mind based on your current state of mind, conditioning and influences and driven by responses to the current stimuli. Alternatively, of course you will, we order you too!!

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