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Develop your Mind, Body and Spirit

Develop your Mind, Body and Spirit

Since time immemorial martial artists and warriors have known a great secret that by training to defend yourself or training for war you become more peaceful! Why? Because when you train in martial arts you are training your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. The first two are the vehicles that carry the third, and all martial arts work and develop these three areas sometimes without the students knowing that this is being developed until they reach a stage of enlightment!

Here are the top 5 reasons that this is one of the best workouts around:

1) The mind has to be in the NOW, you cannot learn a new technique, combination or kickboxing drill whilst worry about the bills or work! The very nature of learning new physical skills and techniques means you are working out the grey matter keeping your reactions and memory strong, fast and agile. If you are sparring or training a defence drill and you are not solely concentrated on your training partner then you might be getting hit! This gives you great focus and mental concentration skills that are passed on to all areas of your life. 2) The body has to bend to the will of the mind and therefore when training in martial arts the very nature of the training will mean that you will get STRONGER, FITTER and more FLEXIBILE. As your mind gets stronger your body will follow, heart and lungs will be fitter, muscles will be more toned, joints will be more mobile and flexible, you will have reduced body fat as long as a healthy diet is followed which you will be more likely to stick to as your mind becomes stronger along with your will as your subconscious mind will automatically know that you need a healthy diet to complete you martial arts training. 3) The spirit will start to grow as the mind becomes stronger along with the body, the spirit will feel it has more POWER! You will take part in life as the vehicle that contains your spirit is being used and exercised regularly in a positive manner giving a healthy outlook on life and impacting on your personal goals in life which you are more likely to reach given your FIGHTING SPIRIT. 4) When training in martial arts you will be amongst people that are trying to reach the same goals as you for their own reasons, people who are facing their own personal battles and overcoming them, whether they are battles of the mind, body or spirit and when people come together for these reasons friendship is built, a community of like minded people that you are a part of. 5) When all of the above is taken in consideration martial arts will make you into a better person, with confidence to face life’s challenges and become more resilient to life’s problems you will have a warrior’s mindset that can be a benefit at work, at home, at school. Throughout history martial artist were the strong who protected the weak, you will become one of the strong and you will have the greatest knowledge of all, self knowledge!

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