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MAC Black Belt Grading

On Friday 27th May 2016, Martial Art Concepts held its Black Belt and 2nd Dan grading at the Stourbridge academy.

Candidates from the other academies at Dudley and Halesowen came to Stourbridge to be tested by group chief instructor Mr. Paul Kelly in some of the various arts that make up the curriculum. These included drills from Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Jun Fan and Brazilian Ju Jit-Su, which all go to make up the kick boxing program.

The candidates had been put through their paces in the previous weeks to ensure they were prepared for the test ahead.

MAC prides itself on the high standards set by the chief instructors who have travelled the world to learn their arts and this was seen on the night with the hard work and dedication shown by all the students.

All of the students who start with MAC have  the Black Belt as their goal and with it the personal benefits it brings, improved confidence, better fitness and weight loss and a real sense of achievement.

Congratulations to all the adults and children, you did a great job and we are glad to welcome you to the MAC Black Belt club

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