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Junior Grading Week

The week commencing the 27th April 2015 saw the week of our junior grading’s at the MAC academies.

We develop positive attitudes in our children to give them not only physical strength but also the mental strength to help them cope with the rest of their lives.

stourbridge may 2015
Some of the students at the Stourbridge academy

Part of this is the grading process where they are tested in the arts they have been learning during normal classes. The students learn many different arts, so they are tested in things such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) and Kali.

halesowen may 15
Proud new Blue Belts at the Halesowen academy

The graduations took place in the academies on the 2nd May where over 150 of the successful juniors were given their new belts.

All of the students worked hard and deserved their promotions

May 15 dudley
One step closer to the Black Belt at the Dudley academy

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