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Black Belt Grading

In  May 2015 MAC academies held their grading for their existing and potential new Black Belts

Our gradings require the students to be tested in not just one, but many different arts, including Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), MMA and elements of Jeet Kune Do and Kali.

alex aird
Thumbs up after the event

The Black Belt 1st Dan is the base step for the students who have worked for up to five years towards this goal. Our aim is to build confidence and self belief in all of our students for them to achieve this significant milestone and to take the positive character traits from the training into their lives outside of the academy.

Tired but happy

Also on the day were some of the students going for thier second and third Dan Black Belts, these are the ones who have continued training beyond the initial Black Belt, to continue learning and gaining more experiance and knowledge of Martial Arts

The tests are the way of progressing and learning new skills, constantly evolving.

3rd dan
Nearly ten years of training, well done 3rd Dans

It was a wonderful day with students of all ages working, focused and willing to give more then they even expected, well done to all who graded

the tovey
Finally joining big sister as a Back Belt

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