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Self Protection and Defence, Western Boxing, Olympic Boxing. At Martial Art Concepts we know western boxing is a fantastic way to develop the entire body and boxers are also renowned for their pace of movement and physical fitness too. And there are adults just like YOU training at Martial Art Concepts right now but the difference is they are already improving their fitness, self protection skills and much more. They also had 30 days free training to get them started! So look at some In Class Action, watch what it's like to Learn at MAC then arrange your visit today!

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  Current research proves Martial Art will improve fitness, help you lose weight plus gain a firmer toned body AND will also help you learn how to protect yourself out on the streets too! But it's not just the adults who already training at MAC that’ll tell you this so will the research from fitness experts and researchers. So NOW is the best time to join our adult students and become a better you! There are adults just like you training at Martial Art Concepts already but the difference is they are already improving their fitness, self protection skills and much more, right now. So join them by taking the next step… us now! After all, what have you improved about yourself today until now? So let us tell you why you should join Martial Art Concepts! Well, we are the West Midlands' largest martial art group and we're supported by a team of professional staff in both Halesowen and Dudley Port dedicated to helping you achieve your goals! We also have world class martial art designed for the street so you know what you learn...will work there, if you need it! Come and see us now and we'll introduce you to the martial arts in the 21st century. We'll even show you how we can improve your fitness, help weight lose, increase body tone and self protection skills with your free private lesson. That's how confident we are that Marital Art Concepts will be right for you!

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Common Questions

Q. How will I know I am Progressing?
We grade our all our students every 3 months. This is to track and monitor your progress throughout your Martial Arts journey. You will get regular feedback on your progress we help you set and achieve your goals to ensure you are successful.

Q. Do I have to Buy all the Training Equipment?
No. We provide all necessary equipment for you to use. We also have a shop where you can purchase your own personal equipment.

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