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The Warrior Scholar Program - Accredited Schools Training

Introduce something different to your PE sessions or After School classes

Would you like to introduce something different to your PE sessions or After School classes that not only challenges children physically but also encourage the development of focus, discipline, respect and many other positive life skills?

Do you have teacher's PPA time, essential to encourage collaborative professional activity in the preparation of high quality lessons and complete other essential non-classroom or teaching work, which needs to be covered during every school week?

We help thousands of children throughout the borough learn positive life skills through our Warrior Scholar Program.

Invite us to visit your School

Our instructors will visit and discuss how we can bring the positive benefits of Martial Art Concepts to your school. Respect, Courtesy, Discipline!

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About the Program

Our PE/PPA lessons and Afterschool Programs have been a massive success, with schools noticing significant improvements in children's concentration, respect towards teachers and school grades.

In fact one of the leading UK Psychologists Dr G Lombard A.F.B.Ps.S has endorsed all of our programs making us the ONLY martial art group with such a unique accreditation.

As part of any PE/PPA lesson or after school program all children will be awarded a certificate of participation and be invited to attend one of our three full time Academies to take part in a FREE class and continue their Leadership training on their journey to Black Belt Excellence!

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About the Lessons

Each lesson is Key Stage specific to suit the learning requirements of different age groups. The lessons take place during school PE lessons, designated teacher PPA time or after school whichever suits the school best.

Lessons can be up to an hour long and consist of the following three learning blocks:

  • Warm Up and Stretch
  • The Class
  • Review of Class

We teach our students to have the confidence to do the right things, show respect when in school, at home and in the local community and only practise martial arts when supervised by a fully qualified Instructor.

Warm Up and Stretch
The children get to understand why warm ups are important and learn about basic anatomy and body movement.

The Class
The children learn some simple and non-aggressive martial art techniques from all the different arts our Instructors are qualified to teach and can include a fun game based around the theme of the class.

Review of Class
Class ends with a life skills mat chat and we ask them what is more important the punch or the bow? Of course, it's the bow…. It shows respect

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Testimonials from Schools We Have Worked With

We regularly work visit and work with many schools including Caslon Primary, St Mary's Catholic, Primary School, Cradley C of E Primary, Hasbury Primary, Perryfields Primary & Secondary, Lapal Primary and Dudley Wood. Read some of our testimonials below...

Vicki Wood, Extended Services Manager, Caslon primary School

"Overall the children really enjoyed the sessions and were very proud and pleased to receive their belts and certificates. Many of the children have asked when the sessions will run again so we hope that in the future we would have the opportunity to run the classes again"

These skills are important for the physical development of children and support a foundation for future martial arts, however while practicing these in class they’ll also develop the following important skills:
Confidence, Resilience, Fitness, Respect, Discipline, Listening and Attention.

These are the foundations needed to help children become effective learners in school and good people in life, what we call having a black belt attitude.

Bells Farm Primary School

"The assembly from Alex and Steve was really good. The children enjoyed the interaction and the activities motivated them. It was good for the children to see that martial arts is a non-contact sport and it reinforced our value word of Respect". "We would definitely have the coaches back and would love to develop an after-school club too".

Mr Steve McKreedy (P.E. Teacher at Hurst Green Primary School)

"The Children really enjoyed it, it was well organised, and gave the children a good sense of achievement."

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Mrs C. Bentley, Primrose Centre, Primary Pupil Referral Unit, Smethwick

"Steve has worked most effectively with all of our pupils throughout this current term. Our pupils have all been rejected by their mainstream primary schools and have come to us with challenging behaviours which demonstrate low self-esteem".

"Steve's sessions are inclusive and challenge all the pupils to respond positively. During these sessions the pupils have participated fully in all the activities, showing respect to all adults present and to each other". "Steve has built strong relationships with the pupils and staff without compromising discipline attached to the Martial Arts".

"We have been so impressed with his dedication to the pupils that we have booked him again for next term to further develop respect and co-operation".

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