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Confidence brings brilliance

The word of the week is confidence, easy word to say but have you thought what it means to you or your children?

Confidence is situational, many don’t realise this, however the more confident you become in more areas of your life, the better equipped you become to gain confidence in other areas of your life.


For example, are you confident in using a computer? Could you use a computer with ease and fix most problems that may occur? If not you lack confidence in using computers.


Ok, so a more important situation, are you confident you could keep yourself or even your family safe in a conflict with multiple aggressors or even a single aggressor?

In many cases when someone gets into an altercation/argument the person with the lowest confidence either freezes or submits, obviously this is not a good thing if you are the one without the confidence.

Martial arts can help with this hugely, training not only to gain strength and correct technique in punching, kicking, and anything else you may use, but also discovering the huge power within yourself as your confidence grows in your knowledge that you can defend yourself and/or your friends and loved ones.


“With confidence, you have won before you started”


Training confidence in the martial arts isn’t just about the punching and kicking, the confidence to say no is an enormous accomplishment to a child that is bullied or where their friends are trying to get them to do something they know is wrong.


Any and all goals in life are only ever reached if you have the confidence to reach them, the great thing is that the more goals you reach the faster your confidence grows.

Martial arts is the achievement of goal after goal, and so martial arts is a constant improvement on confidence and not so many activities can do this.


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


This quote is great for those that have ever felt bullied. One of the most damaging parts of being bullied is the feeling of helplessness and being completely alone, the thought that it will never get better, this is far from true, with confidence the future gets brighter and brighter and this is especially true for children.


Time and time again I have seen children and adults come into the academy worried to even walk through the front door or step onto the mat. It is the great feeling seeing those same Individuals overcome any fears and doubts they have in themselves, in the knowledge that their lives are improved.

Here is a video of our student creed, said by some of those same children that had little confidence in themselves. And now? Well the evidence speaks for itself.

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