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Awareness in normal life

Driving to work the other morning I watched something that shocked me but also reminded me that not all self protection covers just you, it also covers the little ones with you.

As I was parked I watched as a mother with a young girl walked past the car, they suddenly stopped and started to look around. Further up the road a young toddler was walking slowly down the road about 100 meters from his mother.

How did this happen you may ask?

The answer is simple, she was far too concerned about her phone.


90% of self protection is awareness. Limiting 80-90% of your concentration to a little mobile phone has shown to be a disastrous idea. Think back to when Pokemon Go was all the rage, how many people mindlessly walked out into the road, fell down a hill or even into a pond. Just think how many times you yourself have nearly walked into a lamp post while reading a text.


The Solution?

Simple again, learning to focus and be aware of your surroundings is much better than what could happen. The mother I spoke about at the start I think was lucky that her child remained safe, a toddler may not think twice before walking into the road or going somewhere with a stranger. And if you think kidnapping doesn’t happen in broad day light, think again. Many criminals are opportunistic and they will take advantage of any opportunities that may arise so the easiest way to stop this is to limit the opportunities they may have.


So what’s this got to do with a martial arts blog?

Once again the answer is simple. Martial arts and self protection courses here at MAC are proven to help adults and children alike focus and be much more aware of situations around them. This spans into every part of their lives and can help keep you and your children safe.

So why not let your friends know about the ways they can be safe and the safety of their children.

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