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Grading in the Martial Arts

Grading in the Martial Arts

In any martial art, that has a traditional linage whether that linage is from a Japanese background a Chinese background, or any other eastern background there is a belt system or grade system in place. Continue reading this post

If you want self protection, read this!


A lot of Martial Arts academies claim they teach self protection. You have to ask yourself, what is self protection?

Some people think that self protection is about learning to punch and kick, to be able to take an opponent out with the one punch and a loud KIA!!!!!!

OK that’s great, they simply enroll you in their academies to learn kickboxing because its the ultimate self defence tool, or karate because it goes back years and its the ultimate self defence tool. Continue reading this post

What Is Martial Art About?

As part of our ambition to bring the Martial Arts to as wide an audience as possible, I regularly go into schools around the local area. One of the first things I ask is, who thinks Martial Arts is about fighting? More often than not, most of the children say yes. Continue reading this post