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Our Philosophy and Goals

As well as being a martial art, Jeet Kune Do is an evolving philosophy of constant improvement, adaptation and development. The idea being to absorb that which is useful, reject that which is useless, and add what is specifically your own. The MAC Logo Only after many years of training and research can a martial artist begin to develop his own Jeet Kune Do. Our logo has similarities to the original Jeet Kune Do logo that was designed around the Yin & Yang or Chinese symbol for the interaction of two halves to make a whole. In martial art, this can signify the interaction between your mind and body, the interaction between you and an opponent or even the interaction between ranges of combat. In fact, anything where two separates can intermingle or change may contain a small elemental part of the opposite. This theory was possibly encapsulated by Bruce Lee, who said, "When you expand, I contract, and when you contract, I expand"


The Yin and Yang has long been a part of Chinese culture and is now recognised worldwide as being a sign of balance. As such, the core part of our logo is symbolic of the Ying & Yang, representing our ability to balance all of the above. The fire of our logo represents two sides of the same coin. The nurturing role of flame, giving us warmth and protection yet at the same time having the ability to roar, energise and create massive energy. What does this mean to us in totality? Our logo represents balance: equal and opposite interaction of good and bad, hard and soft, expansion and contraction - all at the same time. The energy to nurture and give warmth or to rage and be destructive, in support of ourselves and of others should the circumstances require. “This is a very personal logo for me. It represents the culmination of my thoughts and actions based on many years of training in the martial arts. It means a great deal to me personally and I wear it with pride. I hope you join me on your own personal martial arts journey and you too wear MAC logo with pride and respect.” Paul Kelly, MAC Founder

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