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Martial Art Concepts Lessons Testimonials

Here's what some of our students say about our training programs

Opening Quote Both my daughters attend Martial Arts three times per week. They enjoy their training and the social aspects of the sessions. It has improved their confidence, fitness and behaviour a great deal. One of the best decisions we made as parents when we enrolled them at the MAC Academy. It's so good that I've started training too!Nikki - Student and Parent Closing Quote
Opening Quote Kickboxing is great! I started last year, my shape has changed and I feel really good when I go there. It has built up my confidence since I started and it is something I like to do for ME. It took a lot to go and start but I just had to try it and now I love it."Julie - Student Closing Quote
Opening Quote My son has been attending "MAC" for 18 months and within that time his focus, determination and perseverance has grown massively. This all due to the tutors and also the higher graded belts. He has made many friends here which again is all down to the friendly and warmly reception given. All the tutors and higher grades are always available for advice on techniques or just a chat it?s a fun place to be!!! Facilities and apparatus are excellent, classes are fun, no pressure involved, but focused on teaching all students of all grades the correct technique in various arts. I would recommend "MAC" to anybody.Jon Bradley Closing Quote
Opening Quote I have not got a lot of confidence - emotional or physical - so when at 24 the doctors gave me the news that I had arthritis in the kneecap and joint I had believed my life was over. I felt worthless, useless and depressed. I was told I won't be able to do this or that, all the negative phrases you can think of and I believed it. Years later my GP asked what I would love to do, right away I said 'Martial Arts'; Bruce Lee has always been my hero. I phoned lots of clubs but when telling them about my knee and that I am overweight and unfit they didn't want to know. I drove down to Martial Art Concepts after being told Kali may be for me. 5 minutes later I was still in the car and drove back to the flat as I opened the door there on the mat was a flyer from the academy, I thought this must be fate. I phoned the number right away and left a message. An instructor called Paul Bedford called me back and asked me to come and see the class on Sunday. I challenged myself to go through that door. Embarrassed and awkward I asked to speak to Mr Kelly, I was met with a big smile and welcomed in, I loved it, 'Kali rocks'. People were coming over to me welcoming me to the academy, I had never met so many nice people I was shocked by everybody's kindness and I became an academy member, the best thing I have ever done. The first lessons were hard on my knee but I had fallen in love with Kali, 'Better to be in pain doing what I love than be in pain doing nothing'. Over time my physio couldn't believe the change she told me to keep up the physio and the Kali. She has now written to the doctor to say I don't need another operation anymore and next year I will train with a sports physio. Every night I look at the framed certificate of my Kali level 1 and thank God that Sir lets me train in his academy. I would like to thank Sir and all the instructors and students who have welcomed me and given me their time to help me become a Martial Artists and a more positive and confident human being. God bless you all Craig Davies A.K.A 'The Blackheath Apache'Closing Quote

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