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Striking, Groundwork, “No Gi” with striking Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques both standing and on the ground. This incorporates multiple styles of Martial arts including Boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling and a whole host of other styles. And there are adults just like YOU training at Martial Art Concepts right now but the difference is they are already improving their fitness, self protection skills and much more. They also had 30 days free training to get them started! So look at some In Class Action, watch what it's like to Learn at MAC then arrange your visit today!

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 Halesowen - Near Makro
 Stourbridge - Near Birmingham St
 Dudley - Near Tesco

Testimonials - What our Students Say...

Michael Says "I would like to thank Sir and all the instructors and students who have welcomed me and given me their time to help me become a Martial Artists and a more positive and confident human being."
Craig Says "I’ve made many friends here which is all down to the friendly and warmly reception given. All the tutors and higher grades are always available for advice on techniques or just a chat. It’s a fun place to be!!!."