MAC Fight Team Enjoy Hat Trick Of Success

The 27th February saw the return of the Combat Challenge fighting event to Stourbridge. The event sees Martial Artists from around the country compete in the cage against each other.

Three fighters from the MAC fight team, Nick Probert, Jack Gadd and Carl Slater competed on the bill and enjoyed a very successful evening, all securing victories against some tough opponents.

The team train in the normal classes at their own academy then supplement their training when the fight team meet twice a week, working on speed and precision. MMA instructor Cass Hipkiss runs these classes at the Stourbridge academy. In the run up to the fight Mr. Hipkiss was joined by group chief instructor Mr. Kelly and also Halesowen chief instructor Mr. Alex Williams to work through the finer details, including watching videos of the opponents and looking at any weakness. Mr. Hipkiss and Mr. Williams were in the corner with Mr Kelly for the fights on the night offering support and guidance.

Recently they have been working on boxing and submission skills with a view to ending the fights as quickly as possible. The hard work and effort paid off on the evening. Jack won by a standing rear naked choke in the first round, Carl won in 49 seconds of the first round by TKO and Nick took less than three rounds to finish his opponent, again by TKO.

Nicks victory saw him keep his title as West Midlands champion. With the manner of the victories for Jack and Carl, it surely can be no time before these two also challenging for a title.

It was great to see so many MAC students supporting the fighters, being vocal and encouraging the guys on the night, thanks to them for coming along.

All MAC students learn the skills that the fight team use, our students feel better, fitter and stronger as well as gaining an invaluable level of self-protection skills that can help keep them and their families safe.



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  1. Thanks to everyone for supporting Nick, Carl and Jack on the night, with 21 fights we were numbers 7/15/20 in the running order, which meant a long time between fights and lots of waiting for the guys. Cass and Alex did a great job of warming them up and helping the guys stay focussed in what was a very busy and public “dressing room” all in all the guys showcased their own talent and the hard work the coaches, instructors and other students they trained with put in to help them reach their own performance levels. A great tribute to all the MAC family!! To all you guy’s who want to train to the next level the current tram are great ambassadors for committed training and dedication to a goal, if you feel the need to challenge yourself then all members of MAC are welcome to try the fight training, its progressive development of your MMA skills and taking your fitness to another level, talk to your MAC team members about trying a class. Thanks as well to the guys from the academies that supported the fighters, the cheering was awesome. I’m proud of their achievement and the professional way the MAC fight team conducted themselves, as was once said to me “Every one that steps in the cage/ring deserves respect for stepping up and giving the other person the chance to test themselves in a safe and controlled environment”
    I’m extremely proud that our training can be tested with like minded people and stand the test of competition, that is obviously down to the fighter on the night but the support and training and facilities of MAC are providing a positive experience for the sport of MMA.
    Our broader curriculum and life skills and character education develop and contribute t personal growth and confidence but our team bought fight etiquette and respect to a tough sport and did us all proud.
    Be safe, with respect,

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