Coach Development Programmes – our instructors of the future…

We thought would share with the community some great pics of our Coaches developing their coaching skills in a dedicated training class, these guy’s have committed to meet the challenge of becoming the instructors of the future; learning the deeper skills and understanding required to be able to fulfil the role of instructor and teacher.

Students in our Assistant Instructor Training (AIT) and Certified (Career) Training programs (CIT) are taught by the Senior Instructors led by our Group Chief Instructor in the more diverse and not so obvious skills a Coach or Instructor needs. This is not a martial art class, it is an opportunity to build a solid base of skills and methods to create a structured approach to coaching. The course is based on a rotating module model and means you can join any time, some of the modules include;

Coaching etiquette and styles

  • Personal development – setting the right goals for yourself to develop your own Coaching style.
  • Coaching techniques – such as “The rule of three”, teaching using Noah’s rule etc.
  • Interpersonal skills for meeting and greeting and developing your personal coaching style.
  • Mat Chats, which was today’s AIT subject, how to share a subject or word of the day at the beginning of the class.
  • Developing your own understanding of the martial art more so you can better understand for yourself and for the student.
Some of our adult instructors practicing a 'mat' chat.
Some of our adult instructors practicing a ‘mat’ chat.

Practicing a mat chat

In this week’s lessons students were taught how to do a ‘mat’ chat; where they learn how to talk to their students before their class starts and after it finishes.

All of the team join in an practice their own mat chats to build confidence as part of the team.

Junior Instructors discuss teaching martial arts.
Junior Instructors discuss teaching martial arts.

Anyone can be a Martial Arts Instructor!

Our programs have already produced many highly respected instructors – some who started as young as 7 years old. The key to their success is dedication to their learning journey, a best in class curriculum developed through years of our own journey in the Martial Arts and the self belief that they can become a great instructor – whilst remaining a great student. Ultimately if you can understand something from another viewpoint other than your own then your understanding and knowledge will grow!

What do you think makes for a great Instructor?

Tell us your thoughts & post your comments.

2 responses to “Coach Development Programmes – our instructors of the future…”

  1. The Coaching programs are great for focussing on developing another view of martial arts. Recognising someones learning modality and appreciating their point of view enables you to look at your martial art in a different way. I personally felt I became a better martial artist from coaching, from trying to solve someone else’s challenges based on my experience. “Ask a better question, get a better answer” in my opinion taking into account someone else’s perception/interpretation helped me expand my understanding…

  2. “To teach, is to learn twice” I was not until I started to teach that I started to understand my own martial art and why I do certain things the way I do. One of the core principles of JKD is to research your own experience and I think teaching allows you to do this. It also gives you a great sense of satisfaction to see someone grow and get better as I truly believe martial arts is for everyone. I currently teach a student who has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair all his life, his will to learn and to own the martial arts and to face up to the challenges of his condition is humbling. I think a good instructor is someone who knows how to teach to the students learning style, who knows when to push and when to allow the student to develop at their own speed, so they have patience and a sense of humour in their teaching.
    A quote I read recently”All an instructor can do is point you to the path but the student has to walk it, sometimes you should pray for a hard instructor who will push you beyond your limits as this is where change takes place “.

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