Martial Arts Classes in Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge

Martial Art Concepts currently has three full time, fully equipped Academies in Halesowen and Dudley and Stourbridge. All have full time professionally trained staff and instructors so you're guaranteed to benefit from training with us!

MAC offers martial art classes and training programs that are tailored to your needs so whether your young or a little older, fit or trying to be fit, looking for confidence or self protection skills, together we can achieve your goals.

We are a Jeet Kune Do Academy, which was developed by the late Bruce Lee and carries on through the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto, meaning there's plenty to train your mind and body!

Particularly for our Junior Students where a great emphasis is placed on Life Skills in a more traditional "Karate" style training enviroment but with the advantages of a realistic self protection based physical training program.

Adults too will benefit from the chance to train through the 4 ranges of combat; punching, kicking, trapping and grappling, but you haven't got to train in all of them! And we also train with weapons for those that like to test their mental skills to the limit!

The quickiest way for us to answer your questions and discover what is best for you, is to call one of our Academies or arrange your visit and we'll give you 30 days free training and a free introductory lesson too!

Do not feel daunted about coming along - we are a friendly & fun academy and everyone is welcome! We all look forward to seeing you.

Book 30 Days Free Training!

Our friendly academy directors will get in touch; and get you started with a 1-1 private lesson.